A little Aroha for Eczema Care and Winter Skin

A little Aroha for Eczema Care and Winter Skin

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Winter is hard on skin, especially if you have a vulnerability to eczema, dermatitis, or dry chapped skin. The cold, dry outdoor air and indoor heating can all increase the symptoms of eczema and dry skin. Don't despair!

We have such a great range of skin loving, gentle products to bestow moisture and protect skin from the harsh winter air. Whether you just want to keep your glow all winter long, or if you have sensitive, eczema-prone skin in your family, we are here to help ensure that winter doesn't damage your skin. 

Winter Skin Care

Protect healthy skin and keep the skin of both your face and body radiant and protected with our beautiful all natural Frankie skin care products.

  • Apply Replenishing Kakadu C Facial Oil for an antioxidant boost along with super soothing botanicals to ensure fresh, protected skin through the darker days of winter; and/or
  • Add Bakuchiol Rejuvenate Serum for glowing winter skin. This vitamin-rich serum with high-potency botanical oils contains Bakuchiol (shown to be as effective as retinol at reducing lines and hyperpigmentation*), and beautiful Vitamin A rich Cacay Oil.
  • Take Lip Therapy with you to prevent chapped winter lips and for a pretty spearmint scented shine.
  • Smooth Kawakawa Body Oil  onto legs and arms daily after your shower for a light fresh scent and supple, heathy skin all over.


Winter Eczema Care

Eczema or atopic dermatitis often becomes worse in winter as skin dries out and becomes more vulnerable. Most children with eczema find winter the hardest and their wee bodies deserve some loving care and support. If you know the Frankie Story, you know that nothing motivates us more than helping children with eczema!

Here are some tips for winter care of eczema prone skin:

  • Avoid rapid changes in temperature.Wear layers - rug up to go out, cool off when you come in, and remove any damp clothing right away to avoid wetness or sweat against the skin.
  • A humidifier can help to prevent air becoming dry through heating inside the home.
  • Vitamin D supplements may help reduce the symptoms of eczema in winter when we are not getting Vitamin D from the sun.
  • Avoid harsh soaps and excessive handwashing, and apply Kawakawa Balm or Body Oil after washing hands to replace the protective skin barrier.
  • Drink plenty of water! It's easier to forget in winter, but internal hydration helps keep skin hydrated too.
  • An effective natural skin barrier is key to preventing eczema flare ups. Keep your Kawakawa Balm on hand to apply when needed to ensure your skin stays supple and moisturised.
  • Enjoy a warm (but not really hot) bath with Colloidal Oat Soak or natural Epsom Salts in it.
  • Apply Kawakawa Body Oil while your skin is still slightly damp after towel drying to seal in moisture.
  • Read up on Eczema Triggers and try to eliminate these, especially during winter when skin is extra vulnerable to eczema.


Winter Itch

Dry skin becomes itchy, often without a visible rash. Symptoms normally worsen in winter and are more frequent in older people. Winter Itch can be aggravated by air conditioning, or scratchy or woollen clothing - and is often mistaken for dermatitis once the itch causes scratching and broken skin. 

Here are our top tips for dealing with Winter Itch:

  • Bathe in warm water before bedtime. Colloidal Oat Soak or natural Epsom Salts can be added to the bath.
  • The key to relief is a skin softening moisturiser, so apply Kawakawa Body Oil after your bath or any time your skin feels itchy or dry. If you need more relief Kawakawa Balm may be useful.
  • Wear lightweight natural fabrics like silk, linen and muslin.


    At Frankie Apothecary we are so inspired by the beautiful native ngahere - in particular the pretty Kawakawa shrub which has been used for centuries for its many wonderful, scientifically proven qualities.

    Discover how Kawakawa can help soothe eczema prone skin, and how the Frankie brand sprang from a mother's search for help with eczema.


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    Cindy Morrison
    Cindy Morrison

    The Kawakawa Repair is really great at reducing the discomfort and visibility of eczema, and other sensitive skin disorders!!

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