Proud to wear the Eczema Association of New Zealand badge

Proud to wear the Eczema Association of New Zealand badge

If eczema is affecting your household, whether it’s you or your little ones living with dry, irritated skin, it can be such a struggle. One itchy child can mean broken sleep for the rest of the whānau, and you're living with the heartache of seeing your child constantly dealing with painful, itchy skin.

It can be difficult knowing where to turn for tips and advice for your eczema care journey.

Our tīpuna, the experts of long ago, discovered the goodness of Kawakawa and have shared a wealth of insight into its uses - for everything from eczema and itchy skin to coughs and colds.

Our beautiful native Kawakawa is an incredible natural medicinal!

With Frankie Apothecary being one of the first brands to bring Kawakawa to homes around New Zealand way back in 2016, we love seeing the use of Kawakawa becoming so popular.

We are also very proud to partner with modern-day experts in the field of eczema to offer natural solutions for eczema and itchy skin care, support and confidence.

We are delighted to display the Eczema Association of New Zealand supporter badge

The Eczema Association of New Zealand gave our Kawakawa Repair Balm and Kawakawa Body Oil to their team of itchy skin sufferers, and with their positive feedback, we were given the go-ahead to display the Eczema Association of New Zealand supporter badge on these products for dry, itchy, eczema-prone skin.

We’re delighted to share that the rest of our products are with the 'Testing Team' as we speak!

What does the Eczema Association do?

The Eczema Association of New Zealand ( is a non-profit charity organisation dedicated to supporting eczema sufferers in New Zealand. Their mission is to reach all New Zealanders who live with dry, itchy skin every day and let them know they can get help, support, education and relief. They do amazing work and have an incredible depth of information, tips and advice on their website.

For those living with eczema, support, understanding and knowing that others have been on this journey can make such a huge difference.


If you want personalised support, do drop us an email - and check out our information and tips for eczema care.

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