Summer sun protection with all natural Sunscreen - Rated SPF 50+

Summer sun protection with all natural Sunscreen - Rated SPF 50+

Natural, NZ Made Sunblock rated SPF 50+ ... can it be true?

Absolutely! It was a brilliant day for us when our test results came back showing that our natural sunblock was SPF 50+. We posted the results publicly on social media - and what a huge response they got... we obviously weren't the only ones who were excited!

In New Zealand, effective sun protection is essential, for us and especially for our children's sensitive skin. The damaging UV rays and our ozone hole mean that we have some of the fiercest sun in the world, and some of the highest rates of skin cancer.

Not to mention the beauty aspect - that we can look old, tired and weathered before our time because of all that harsh UV exposure.

So, proven sun protection of SPF 50+ is the way to go. But there are a lot more things to love about our natural sunblock than having a great sun barrier between you and the summer sun!

Frankie Apothecary Sunscreen is a natural over-acheiver

1. Gentle, safe for sensitive skin sunblock.

Our sunblock is natural and free from nasty chemicals, and contains Shea and Kawakawa extracts to help repair and soothe dry, irritated and sensitive skin. Safe even for the delicate skin of new born babes!

(Do keep wee ones out of the sun though, this sunblock is great if they are out and about but their skin is so precious that hats and shade should also be used!)

2. Basically a beauty cream.

Loaded with beautiful rich and moisturising Jojoba, Shea, Coconut, Almond and Kawakawa oils, and the antioxidant Vitamin E, this sunblock nourishes your skin while it protects you from the sun. The Kawakawa oil also contains lignins and antioxidants for skin health and protection from the signs of aging. This natural sunscreen is perfect under makeup for daily protection.

3. Sunblock in a glass jar!

How awful is going to a beautiful New Zealand beach ... and seeing plastic bottles and bags strewn among the pohutukawa trees and shells, or bobbing in the waves. Our lovely dark glass jar preserves the natural actives in our sunscreen from light damage, but it also means less plastic waste for the planet.

4. It's a natural bug repellent.

Kawakawa has been used for generations to repel pesky mozzies and sandflies. Beat sunburn and bugs in one go!

5. Last but not least - It's on sale during September! 

Get 9% off when you shop  natural sunblock in the 9th month of 2018. 

Natural sunscreen sun-protection superhero

Frankie Apothecary Natural Sunblock is SPF 50 Broad Spectrum Sunscreen AS/NZS Standard 2604/2012.
Best Children's Sunscreen finalist in the 2016 OHbaby! Awards.
Natural Sunblock Directions:
 Apply every two hours.

We've got you covered while you enjoy our beautiful country!

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