Our Facial Oil is a 2022 Mama & Baby Award Winner!

Our Facial Oil is a 2022 Mama & Baby Award Winner!

We are so proud to announce that our bespoke Replenishing Kakadu C Facial Oil is a joint winner of the Best Natural Face Oil category in The Beauty Shortlist 2022 Mama & Baby Awards!

We created our facial oil with dedication achieving a combination of a very high level of efficacy; alongside gentleness on sensitive skin. We were committed to using only natural ingredients and avoiding fillers, and took the uncommon step of making the antioxidant Kakadu C the highest percentage ingredient; for truly effective skin care.

As well as selecting botanicals with nurturing qualities to replenish the skin, we also loaded the facial oil with incredible high performing anti-inflammatory ingredients to soothe and refine skin impurities.

The result? An Award Winning Facial Oil that delivers wonderful results for so many of our lovely Frankie customers!

"This lush facial oil feels soothing from the get-go, and after a couple of minutes you can honestly feel your skin soaking it in! Another one of my ALL TIME FAVES list. Thanks for all you do." - Wendy R
"My skin has been so clear since I started using this oil no more mask rash it breakouts. Definitely ordering more." - Elizabeth O
"Your face serum is truly a lovely product. I can see and feel the difference in my skin. My skin next morning, after applying in the evening, feel soft and looks radiant! I'm glad I purchased this serum, it has awesome ingredients and it's affordable too." - Lyn M
"This is my third bottle!! I can see my changes in my skin, it is more radiant and smooth, and lines have diminished tremendously!! I will definitely recommend this product to all my friends and I even bought a bottle for my daughter! Love it!!!" - Melissa See Fung H

Another Award for Kawakawa Repair Balm

And, our skin-saving hero Kawakawa Repair Balm won an Editor's Choice Award. Another affirmation of a nurturing product that has empowered so many on their skin-healing journey, and also won an Oh baby Award in 2016.