Frankie Apothecary wins big at the 2024 Mama & Baby Awards

Frankie Apothecary wins big at the 2024 Mama & Baby Awards

"I’m so pleased to share this good news with you: your brand is one of the highest-scoring winners at this year’s 2024 Mama & Baby / Eco Awards!"  

We were over the moon to receive the above comment in an email from the team at the 2024 Mama & Baby Awards! To hear that Frankie Apothecary was one of the highest scoring winners at this year's Mama & Baby Awards was awesome enough, but to find out we won seven outright category winners - the top product from a global field of entrants - really topped it off.  

We love being able to provide soothing, natural skincare that you can trust and it's fantastic to have our products recognised on the global stage. We're so grateful to you our customers for all  your support over the years- ngā mihi nui/thank you very much!

Here's a breakdown of our latest awards wins: 

Winner, Best Baby & Toddler Sunscreen/SPF AND

Winner, Best SPF (Face) - Natural Sun Defence SPF40 

We've always know that Natural Sun Defence SPF40 is a safe, natural sunscreen for little ones so it's amazing to hear the judges think so too and we're stoked it was named the top product in two different categories - Best Baby & Toddler SPF and, proving it's not just for kids, it was named Best SPF (Face).
More and more people are ditching chemical sunscreens for natural alternatives, especially when it comes to using sunscreen on the face or under makeup day after day. For those who haven't tried it under makeup, we shared this tip with the judges: To use on the face, apply a little moisturiser first, apply sunscreen and let it absorb on the skin for 10 minutes before applying foundation or makeup over the top.
One clever customer said she mixes her Natural Sun Defence SPF40 with a dab of foundation to match her skin tone which we thought was brilliant. 

"I love this sunscreen.  Peace of mind ... no nasty chemicals and no sunburn.  What more could I ask for?  Thank you so much for creating this amazing product." - June N

"The best & only sunscreen I use for myself & my family. Spreads like a dream with no white casting & kids don’t have an issue with it being hard to apply." - Lara F


Winner, Best Mum-to-Be Beauty Product - Belly Beautiful 

This is one of the newest additions to the Frankie Apothecary range and it's proving popular, especially with the judges at this year's Mama & Baby Awards. It's a light, fast-absorbing oil that helps to fight stretch marks and scarring thanks to a combination of organic rosehip oil, organic jojoba oil, organic argan oil, along with nature's skin soother, native kawakawa and a hint of natural vanilla fragrance, known for its ability to help relax the mind. 

Winner, Best Bakuchiol Serum - Bakuchiol Rejuvenate Serum 

Bakuchiol Rejuvenate Serum includes a 99% pure extract of bakuchiol, nature's powerful skin rejuvenator in a highly effective 1% concentration. Science backs up how effective bakuchiol is in a study that compared a formula with .5% bakuchiol with another of .5% retinol. The study found bakuchiol was as effective as retinol - one of the most effective skin enhancing actives - at decreasing wrinkle surface area and hyperpigmentation, all without the irritation common with retinol use.1 Nature is incredible! 

"I use this fabulous serum as I need a natural one that performs. My skin gets compliments because I use this. I am not ancient, but an older lady.
Sure is worth buying. Highly recommend!
" - Janice M

"Such a beautiful product! I use it every night for soft, healthy skin. Would recommend 100%!" - Rebecca R



Winner, Best Beauty/Eco Product - Kūmarahou & Kawakawa Shampoo Bar

Winner, Best Beauty/Eco Product - Vanilla & Kawakawa Conditioner Bar  

Loved by the Frankie family since they launched, our Kūmarahou & Kawakawa Shampoo Bar and Vanilla & Kawakawa Conditioner Bar have a loyal following that continues to grow. Soothing, gentle, and made with native extracts, they leave hair cleansed and hydrated. Customers often comment on how well the Kūmarahou Shampoo Bar lathers. Being solid bars, they last many months as long as they're stored on a well-draining soap dish away from water.

"I love Frankie Apothecary products, I’ve been using the shampoo and conditioner for months now, I love how it still others up like liquid shampoo. It’s great for my sensitive scalp." - Rebecca D

"A very economical way to buy. I use these in tandem. The condtioner smells absolutely amazing. Please continue making it like this always! I need to look no further as this is my dream conditioner. The shampoo and conditioner bars glide easily through hair, work well & leave my hair feeling soft. If you’re thinking of switching to bars, look no further." - Justine Y


Winner, Best Natural Conditioner - Vanilla & Kawakawa Conditioner Bar  

We often hear how surprised people are to find that our Vanilla & Kawakawa Conditioner Bar is as creamy, smoothing and effective as it is. Like our other bars, as long as you keep it dry between uses, it lasts ages. A customer once told us she'd had hers for over a year! 

"Love this lush conditioner! Feels like it really nourishes my course hair and smells divine!" - Natalie W

"This worked so well for my long hair. I didn't expect my hair to be so smooth. Better than other conditioners I've used before 😊" - Z F

Winner, Editor's Choice - Kawakawa Repair Balm  

Kawakawa Repair just keeps receiving more and more love! It's been the go-to for parents wanting to manage their child's itchy skin, nappy rash, dribble rash and cradle cap as well as being popular with adults for dry skin, rashes, cracked heels, psoriasis and dermatitis. 

"Thank you so much for this beautiful balm, it has definitely cleared my baby’s eczema with in 1 day. Will definitely be purchasing more in the future" - Angel 

"We love Frankie! My daughter had terrible eczema flare up last month and im so sick of using steroids. I was on a hunt for something natura, gentle, and one we could use on a daily basis as she has really sensitive skin.  The before photo was not the worst she had. But we are so happy of the result. All the dry  red patches on her skin went away after about 3 weeks of usage everyday." - Crislee M S

1. Prospective, randomized, double-blind assessment of topical bakuchiol and retinol for facial photoageing. Br J Dermatol. S Dhaliwal, I Rybak, S R Ellis, M Notay, M Trivedi, W Burney, A R Vaughn, M Nguyen, P Reiter, S Bosanac, H Yan, N Foolad, R K Sivamani.

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